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Clean Key - Keychain Bottle Opener + Stylus

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Clean Access Key Removes Direct Contact With Dirty Surfaces

Clean Key - Cleanaccesskey

Keep your hands away from germ havens like public ATMs, use the tip of your Clean Key for pushing buttons, and also as a stylus pen on the touchscreen. 

If you want to avoid touching elevator buttons, ATMs, touchscreens, and pin pads, this is the solution that you've been looking to find.

Additionally, our germ-free key slides into your pocket for easy portability. 

Benefits Of Our Touch-Free Multitool:

  • Safe Interactions -  Avoid direct contact with contaminated surfaces and protect your hands, face, eyes, and nose from harmful bacteria.
  • Built-In Defense - The antimicrobial brass composition makes this germ-fighting multitool durable and practical.
  • Touchscreen Stylus - Use the stylus tip to safely press elevator buttons, use ATMs, doorbells, or as a pen on Ipads or iPhone touchscreens.
  • Use Doors Touch Free - The U-shaped area hooks onto the door handle, and you can even use it to carry grocery bags to minimize contact.
  • Easy To Carry - Being compact makes Clean Key convenient to slip into a purse or back pocket for easy access.
  • Comfortably Fits On Keyring - The brass o-ring attaches to your key ring making it easy and convenient to carry.
  • Ergonomic Design - The round finger hole provides a better grip while using the germkey.
  • Fast, Free USA Shipping - Clean Keys are produced and shipped out of Tampa, Florida, reaching most places within the United States Of America in 3-5 business days.

How To Use The Brass No Touch Tool:

This multitool serves many purposes thanks to its unique design.

Defend against contamination by placing your index finger in the circular opening, then use the cushioned tip to press buttons on an elevator, cell phone, or the heavily used pin pad at every store checkout line.

The curved claw acts as a door grapple to avoid one of the most-touched surfaces in stores, schools, and other people's homes; the door handle.

You can open bottle caps with the bottle opener under the stylus tip.

Smooth Texture for Easy Sanitation:

The ergonomic shape helps you maintain a firm grip on the smooth surface of the GermKey.

Meanwhile, the sleek exterior gives the multitool a high-tech vibe and makes it simple to sanitize often.

Made from a single piece of brass, Clean Access is naturally antimicrobial, which makes the metal very hard for germs to live on!

By using our touch-free key, you are also limiting your direct contact with surfaces, like restroom stalls and doors, by up to 90%!

It also gives dirt and germs no nooks and crannies to hide.

In a world full of health hazards, you need all the defenses you can muster to stay healthy and avoid bringing nasty germs home to vulnerable family members.

Clean Key - Clean Access Key

Antimicrobial Brass Design Naturally Fends Off Germs:

Our EDC(Everyday Carry) multitool is one solid piece of antimicrobial metal, which makes it the perfect addition to your hygiene strategy.

Carry your no-touch door opener everywhere you go. Its always better to have something and not need it, rather than needing something you do not have. Plus, you get a useful keychain accessory that everyone in your circle will envy.

Buy this affordable EDC tool for everyone you know and keep germs from spreading in public restrooms, ATM pads and touchscreens, elevators, gas pumps, and checkout lines.

Order Your Clean Key Today!

Order this top-quality no-touch tool today for a combination button pusher, door opener, keyholder, and capacitive stylus.

Our EDC tools are great gifts for best friends, first responders and doctors, nurses, teachers, students, and anyone else who works in a busy, populated environment.

Contact our sales team for large orders, or choose your choice of Gunmetal or Gold finishes and put this germ-fighting keychain on the front lines of your virus defense perimeter today!

gold clean key - clean access key


Styles: Gold, Gunmetal

Material: Antimicrobial Brass

Weight: 1 oz.

Shipping: 3-5 Business Days Anywhere In The USA.

Shipped From Tampa, Florida!

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