5 Must Have Products During A Pandemic

Check Out These 5 Hygiene Products You Should Have During A Pandemic:

Before COVID-19, many people took good health for granted. Now, if you don't go out in public with face masks and the right personal protective equipment, you could put yourself and others at risk of contracting the novel coronavirus.

That's why we created a hygiene product of our own, Clean Access Key.

Keep reading to find out how this product compares to other defenses in your hand sanitizing arsenal.

Typical Products Used For Hand Hygiene:

  • Soap and Water
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Disinfecting Wipes
  • Clean Access Key

Soap And Water:

The CDC recommends washing your hands often — before food preparation, after coughing or sneezing, and when leaving a public place, for example. Washing your hands vigorously for 20 seconds or longer (sing Happy Birthday twice) can effectively remove coronavirus from your hands. Ever wonder why this works?

The water-loving ( hydrophilic) trait of soap dissolves the proteins and lipids on the coronavirus surface, which keeps the virus from entering your skin cells. Hand sanitizers that have 60% alcohol content do the same thing. Alcohol disrupts RNA molecules inside the virus, halting viral replication. Basically, it prevents coronavirus from making a copy of itself so it can't spread. Soap does it better because when you scrub your hands, you facilitate the breakdown of the virus.

Our keychain multi-tool doesn't replace washing your hands and using sanitizer. However, the one-piece design makes it hard for microbes to attach to its surface and easy for you to clean it with an alcohol swab between uses. Also, the fewer contaminated surfaces you touch, the less likely you are to transfer the virus onto your hands in the first place, which makes our multi-tool an MVP player on the hand hygiene team.

How To Efficiently Wash Your Hands For Optimum Hygiene:

Any article on hand hygiene would be remiss without reviewing the CDC recommendations for keeping your hands clean and preventing the coronavirus spread. Time and again, policymakers warn of the importance of proper handwashing at work, home, childcare facilities, and medical facilities. 

Follow these steps and wash your hands as often as possible:

  1. Wet your hands with running water, turn off the faucet, and apply soap generously.
  2. Rub your hands together vigorously to lather them and spread the soap around. Include the backs of your hands and get the soap in between your fingers. 
  3. Scrub for a minimum of 20 seconds. Don't forget to get under your nails. 
  4. Rinse your hands.
  5. Air dry your hands or use a clean towel.

hand washing example - Clean Access blog

Hand Sanitizer

According to the CDC, alcohol-based hand sanitizer quickly kills microbes on your hands. However, they don't kill all kinds of germs.

Hand sanitizer is the second most effective way to practice hand hygiene behind proper handwashing.

You can't always get to a sink, but you can carry this protective item in your purse or jacket pocket and leave a bottle in the car. Additionally, it doesn't promote resistant microbes. 

Hand sanitizer is less irritating to the skin and faster than hand washing when you are on the go. Although it's a star player in the war on coronavirus, it doesn't kill 100% of germs.

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Welcome Clean Access Key to your line up of COVID-19 protection.

Use the tool to open doors, press the elevator button, or even carry grocery bags when you don't have a free hand to reach for the hand sanitizer. 

Disposable Gloves

Service workers and healthcare professionals wear disposable gloves to protect themselves and the patrons and patients they serve. Wearing gloves is an excellent way to contain the spread of germs. However, it's not very practical for everyday tasks such as opening the door or entering your PIN# at the grocery store. You could go through a lot of gloves. In a public setting, gloves might protect you while you're wearing them, but keeping them on all day isn't convenient and may not be an option for people with latex allergies.

Some healthcare professionals caution against using gloves for day-to-day use because wearing gloves may cause poor hand hygiene. In that case, it's better to use your bare hands and wash them often. This excludes health care and essential workers who wear gloves on the job as part of industry regulations. Wearing gloves also doesn't seem to deter people from touching their face, so they may not be a useful strategy for those in-between times when you aren't near a sink but may need to open a door or use a public keyboard to enter information.

The Clean Access keychain stows away in a pocket, purse, or desk drawer. Pull it out when you need an extra layer of protection. For added peace of mind, you can swab it down with sanitizer or an alcohol pad between uses, but it may make sense to leave the gloves at home unless your job requires them for safety and health care purposes.

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Disinfecting Wipes

Disinfecting wipes are more like the cleanup crew of the COVID-19 hand hygiene strategy.

Unless you want to walk around with a container of wipes and pull one out every time you use an appliance in the break room, disinfecting wipes serve as more of a preventive step than protection against any coronavirus that remains on commonly touched surfaces. 

The CDC recommends the following guidelines to keep surfaces clean:

  • Wear disposable gloves while cleaning and disinfecting surfaces with disinfecting wipes or other products.
  • Clean surfaces with soap and water to remove as many germs and microbes as possible before using a disinfectant.
  • Soap and water significantly reduce bacteria and dirt on the high-traffic surfaces. Disinfecting kills the germs that remain for a potent 1-2 punch.
  • Practice routine cleaning based on the frequency of use. For example, customer service counters, shopping carts, and keypads require disinfection between each use.
  • High touch surfaces include any object that people often touch, such as desks, phones, headsets, tables, light switches, doorknobs, counters, toilets, faucets, handles, and sinks. When possible, avoid these surfaces and use Clean Access as a shield between you and anything left behind by others. 

Our Clean Access Keychain can significantly limit direct contact between your hands and commonly touched objects, including light switches, keypads, doorknobs, door handles, faucets, and buttons. Get the multi-tool today and gift one in gunmetal black or gold to your friends in health care, the service industry, and other public-facing roles.

Clean Access Key: The #1 Brass Multi-Tool

use clean access key as a stylus pen, bottle opener, button pusher

As well as serving on the varsity squad in the fight between hand hygiene and rapid spread of the coronavirus, this multi-tool has an array of functions beyond protecting you from contact with germ-filled surfaces. It also has advantages over our nearest competitors.

Help us flatten the curve in your area by taking advantage of the following features and perks of the brass multi-tool.

Hygiene Benefits Of Clean Access Key:

    • Zero contact design lets you push the elevator buttons, open doors, use PIN pads at the grocery store, and turn off light switches without touching frequently used surfaces.
    • The antimicrobial brass composition makes it easy to clean with disinfectant wipes without damaging the tool.
    • Use the stylus tip to ring doorbells or press keyboard keys when entering information on public terminals.
    • The U-shaped area acts as a hook to leverage against door handles. Adept users can use it to carry grocery bags without making contact.
    • Small & compact size makes Clean Access one of the most convenient hand-sanitizing tools to transport. Try slipping a container of disinfectant wipes or a bar of soap in your pocket. 
    • Ergonomic design: The round finger hole provides a comfortable way to control the touch-free tool while using it.
    • What Puts Us First: Unlike our competitors, we make our no-touch tool out of one piece of metal and keep the surface smooth for easy cleaning to prevent germs and viruses from accumulating in nooks and crannies.
    • This multipurpose tool contains a bottle opener under the stylus for easy opening at restaurants or the comfort of home.

Purchase Your Clean Access Key Today!

Learn more about this incredible tool that helps protect you from the coronavirus and other germs. The Clean Access brass no-touch tool comes specifically designed to act as a shield between you and the surfaces where dirt and bacteria spread from person to person. 

With our flexible payment options, you can pay your way and order as many as you need to equip your whole family with this innovative multi-tool. Plus, it slips onto your favorite keychain for convenient access anywhere. 

Wash your hands, wear a face mask, keep hand sanitizer handy, and bring your brass touch tool; Clean Access Key, with you wherever to go as part of your smart COVID defense!

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