The Best Christmas Gift For Men Is Here

Looking For The Best Christmas Gift For Men? Look No Further Than Clean Access Key!

As well as serving on the varsity squad in the fight between hand hygiene and rapid spread of the coronavirus, this multi-tool has an array of functions beyond protecting you from contact with germ-filled surfaces. It also has advantages over our nearest competitors.

Help us flatten the curve in your area by taking advantage of the brass no-touch tool's following features and perks.

Top Benefits Of Clean Access Key Men Love:

    • Zero contact design lets you push the elevator buttons, open doors, use PIN pads at the grocery store, and turn off light switches without touching frequently used surfaces.
    • Naturally Antimicrobial: brass composition makes it easy to clean with disinfectant wipes without damaging the tool.
    • Capacitive Stylus Pen: sign or interact with touchscreens, ring doorbells, or press keyboard keys.
    • Bottle Cap Opener: our tool contains a bottle opener under the stylus for easy opening at restaurants or the comfort of your home.
    • No-Touch Door Opener: The U-shaped area acts as a hook to leverage against door handles. Use on car doors, bathroom doors, stalls & more.
    • Phillips Head Screwdriver: We threw this in as a bonus. We never realized how often during the day we had to stop what we were working on to go find a screwdriver, never again!
    • Ergonomic design: The round finger hole provides a comfortable way to control the touch-free tool while using it.

Every Handyman Needs Their Own No-Touch Tool, Surprise Your Man With His Own Clean Access Key

Clean Access Key is a favorite among men & women who love to tinker with things of all shapes and sizes. We all have that family member who can fix anything, surprise them with this cool keychain multi-tool to make their handyman work a little more convenient.

We specifically added a few things to catch the eye of laborers & people who love hands-on work.

top no touch tool - clean access key

The first is a 2-inch ruler engraved on the side of the no-touch tool; anytime you need to quickly measure something small when on the go, Clean Access Key is the perfect fit for the job.

Secondly, we threw in a Phillips head screwdriver; this wasn't easy to accomplish due to the metals stripping. As a solution, we took a real hardened drill bit & welded it tightly to the tool as a permanent fixture. No matter the task, our no-touch tool is up to the challenge.

Every handyman enjoys a nice cold beverage after a long hard day of work! Which brings us to our last small addition to the newly designed clean access key; the enhanced bottle cap opener. We adjusted the angle and made it a couple millimeters thicker to improve the success rate of removing the bottle cap on the first attempt.

Go ahead, crack that ice-cold beverage open & enjoy; you've earned it.

top no touch tool - clean access key

Clean Access Key Is Gaining Traction In The Everyday Carry Society

With our no-touch tool being so small & compact in size, Clean Access Key is one of the most convenient hand-sanitizing products to transport. Try slipping a container of disinfectant wipes or a bar of soap in your pocket.

Place this EDC multi-tool on your key ring for easy access anytime it is needed. We find people are shocked when they realize all the utility packed into such a small brass key tool as they go throughout the day.

Take a second and think of all the common surfaces you touch every single day: gas station buttons, checkout line touchscreens, ATM pin pads, bathroom door handles & SO much more. Now think about how many others have made contact with those same exact areas. About what percentage of those people practice & maintain good hygiene? (Here's a hint, it's a very, very small percentage!)

top no touch tool - clean access key

Numbers Don't Lie, Reducing Touch Does Reduce The Spread.

Studies have shown that when we use no-touch tools like our own Clean Access Key, we can reduce point-of-contact by up to 90%!

limit germ exposure with clean access key

Just imagine the results if 20% of our population took the proper precautions of washing our hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, and reducing contact with potential germ havens!

We would solve a ton of health & hygiene issues that are ongoing throughout the world.

We would not only slow the spread of the recent pandemic that is crushing the entire planet, but we would also see a reduction in the number of seasonal flu infections and other illnesses that can be spread through contact with an infected patient.

Purchase Your Clean Access Key Today!

Learn more about this incredible tool that helps protect you from the coronavirus and other germs. The Clean Access brass no-touch tool comes specifically designed to act as a shield between you and the surfaces where dirt and bacteria spread from person to person. 

With our flexible payment options, you can pay your way and order as many as you need to equip your whole family with this innovative multi-tool. Plus, it slips onto your favorite key ring for convenient access anywhere. 

Wash your hands, wear a face mask, keep hand sanitizer handy, and bring your brass touch tool; Clean Access Key, with you wherever to go as part of your smart COVID defense!

benefits of the top no touch tool - clean access key

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