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Clean Access Keychain - 6 Tools In 1

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Keychain multi tool + stylus - Clean Access Key
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Rose Gold

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Clean Access Key - 6 Tools In 1 Germ-Free Keychain Tool We hear it every day on the news that cases of COVID are RISING! Clean Access Keys were made to combat the spread by reducing the number of infected surfaces we touch every day such as - The Buttons at the pumps at gas stations. The most common of all; Bathroom door handles! Public ATMs & Touchscreens. Benefits Of Using Clean Access Multitool: Avoid Infected Surfaces- Using your Clean Access Tool on public surfaces like ATMs, checkout line touchscreens & door handles, you reduce the risk of becoming infected or becoming a carrier without knowing. Hardened Screwdriver- Clean Access Keys comes equipped with a Philips head screwdriver welded securely to the tool & hardened to prevent stripping. Touchscreen Stylus- Use the stylus tip to safely press elevator buttons, use ATMs, doorbells, or as a pen on Ipads or any touchscreens. No-Touch Door Opener - The U-shaped area hooks onto door handles for safe access. 2 Inch Ruler - On the side of our easy to carry tool is a handy 2-Inch ruler. Bottle Opener- Tough & durable bottle opener found under the stylus at the end of your Keychain. INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE: Clean Access 6 in 1 keychain multitool + Box Styles: Brass, Gunmetal, Rose Gold Material: Antimicrobial Brass Weight: 3oz. Same Day Shipping: Average Delivery 3-5 Business Days Anywhere In The USA. Made In The USA. Use Clean Access Key As A Bottle Opener Or Button Pusher For Pin Pads & Touchscreens When The Time Comes, You'll Be Glad You Have Your Clean Access Keychain Multitool How many times have you went to the restroom at a public place, used those A+ handwashing skills we've all learned from the CDC, only to have to touch the door handle? (Let's hope everyone before you used those handwashing skills!) Good thing you have your Clean Access germ-free key on your key ring to take those harmful germs head on! Antimicrobial Design Naturally Fends Off Germs Our EDC(Everyday Carry) tool is one solid piece of antimicrobial metal, making it the perfect addition to your hygiene strategy. Attach the tool to your keyring and easily carry the functionality of 6 tools in one compact keychain. Clean Access Key Is The Ultimate Gift For Men This Christmas! Save when you get this excellent stocking stuffer for every member of the family this Christmas with our bulk discounts! Clean Access keychains are great gifts for best friends, first responders, doctors, nurses, teachers, students, and anyone else who works in a busy, populated environment. Order this top-quality EDC tool today to combine a door opener, Phillips head screwdriver, bottle opener, 2-inch ruler, and a stylus pen all into one compact easy to carry keychain.

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